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Top 10 Parks and Gardens in Hobart

This page was created from text and photographs provided by James Markham in March 2016. It will showcase some of the parks that offer an escape from the pressures of daily life by providing a sense of nature and freedom

  1. 1Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

    Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

    Royal The Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is located about 3 kilometres away from the Hobart CBD (Central Business District). The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is home to many verities of flowers and other plant life. It also features luscious lawns and garden features. They is also a restaurant and gift shop located near the entrance of the park

  1. 2Princes Park, off the end of Salamanca Place

    Princes Park

    Princes park is located in battery point and is accessible from many different entrances around the park. Princes park features a beautiful lawn that has shelter from the sun which is provided by the many trees located in various points around the park. The park also includes a nice play ground that features a statement piece which is shaped as a boat that has three slides and many other things including a sundial which is located near the ship and Hammock.
    See also nearbySalamanca Market

  1. 3Sandown Park, Nutgrove and Long Point Beach Sandy Bay

    Sandown park (nutgrove park or sandy bay park)

    Sandown park well know as sandy bay park or nutgrove park is constantly especially when it comes to birthday party early every weekend is a birthday party going on a Sandown park as it is right next to long beach and nutgrove beach this park futures many bbq areas which are continually in use by the public. The park is surrounded by the beach on one and by a large soccer or football oval and lawns on the other. The park is loved by kids because of the large play ground and the fact that it is so close to the beach.

  1. 4Fitzroy Gardens

    Fitzroy Gardens

    Fitzroy garden is a great place to go and walk the dog or just relax as it is filled with extensive amounts of beautiful trees and amazing lawns it also features a small park for the kids. The park also used by surrounding school for cross country.

  1. 5Parliament Square, Salamanca Place

    Parliament Sqaure, Salamanca Place

    Parliament square is located in Salamanca right in front of Parliament House and is surrounded by flower beds and a bluestone fence with multiple trees all though the park which provide shelter and shade from the great amounts of sun light this park gets and this is a great place for picnics all year round

  1. 6St Davids Park, Hobart

    St Davids Park

    Originally a cemetary for the early colony, bounded by Davey St, Salamanca Place and Sandy Bay Road, now an extensive manicured lawn intersperced with landmark trees and shrubbery. A quiet place to escape the city adjacent to salamanca place where the weekly saturday market operates

  1. 7Mount Nelson Park

    Mt Nelson Park

    My Nelson park is located at the top end of Nelson road which is the main road in the mountain this park offers to flying foxes which are amazing for kids, a spider web, a soccer/cricket oval and a cercula swinging swing which is actually my favourite part of the park this park is allways in use for birthday party's or soccer/cricket games. Nearby Mount Nelson Signal Station has a cafe with extensive views to the mouth of the Derwent River and beyond. Signal Station Cafe.

  1. 8Cadew Park (the Train Park, Warwick Street West Hobart

    Caldew Park

    Caldew park is located along side hill street in west Hobart and is known for the train track which kids can ride their bikes around on and to continue the theme of a train there in also a centrepiece model of a train located in the park this train futures the engine house of a tree along with two Cargis one that has a roof and the other is roofless this model has been constructed out of wood and is loved by many kids as it futures a stirring wheel, seats and walkways. This park also has three big slide that are built on the side on a hill in the park and a play ground next to the slides

  1. 9Friends Park Mellifont Street West Hobart

    Friends Park

    Friends park is one of the three parks on this list that are located in West Hobart

  1. 10John Doggett Park

    John Doggett Park

    John Doggett park is located in west Hobart and features skate park which is in constant a bbq area which is shaded a small park and varst amounts of lawns this park is great for catch ups with friends or even kid birthday party's as most kids love to ride there bike in the skate park (nothing to do with 'X-Files').